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About us

We are a vape shop that was born in China and then moved to Europe. We have signed a contract with China and we will sell at extremely low prices.

Please choose to trust our company

Our journey began in 2016

We are a VAPE company affiliated with China. Our products and flavor brands are the most comprehensive on the market. We have local warehouses in Europe and can be shipped in 1-3 days.

Perfectly match the price you have in mind

Why is there such a low price?

All our brands are purchased directly from factories. We also have factories to make vapes legally and compliantly. Please trust our prices and brands and hope we can be friendly.

DATA structure

Data Security

All products are shipped from overseas warehouses. We respect all privacy rights and data security of our customers, including our security compliance and cookie security when paying for orders. We ship in compliance with local transportation policies. Please feel free to choose

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